Get power and presence with the new Chrysler 300. This popular full-size luxury sedan will help you make an entrance anywhere you go and it's prominently built body is sure to steal any show.

You'll enjoy the care that went into the development of this new luxury sedan with the daytime running fog lamps they've installed so that your path is fully lit at any time of day, and they are adaptive so you won't blind oncoming drivers with these intense LED lights. The Automatic High Beam option also detects oncoming traffic and initiates high beams at the perfect time.

Sit comfortably with the large 17 to 20-inch aluminum wheels on the new Chrysler 300 and feel the control you'll get with them as well. This bossy sedan was built for stylish drivers like you, so come down to our dealership and see how you look in a new Chrysler 300.

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