Jeep Cherokee for 2019

The Jeep Cherokee has long been a popular SUV whether taking road trips or off-roading adventures. Potential owners of the latest models reap the benefit of upgraded capability options. The new Jeeps provide the choice of three different 4WD systems that ensure you get the right degree of traction depending on your driving needs. When the snow falls, a select mode prevents slipping and sliding along with over-steering to ensure stability on winter roads.

Reduce the traction of the rear axle when desiring fuel efficiency. Lock in the rear axle for additional stability on rocky roads. Choose the advanced drive system and gain the benefit of low range and neutral drivetrain action. Handle mud or sand with ease. Select from one of three different engine sizes whether you want more fuel efficiency or overall power. Come see us at Bob-Boyd Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram and test drive a new Jeep Cherokee.

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