What are the Main Types of Fuel Pumps?

The job of your vehicle fuel delivery system is to move gas through the fuel lines in the proper quantities and at the right pressure levels. In order to get this job done, your fuel system enlists the aid of a component called a fuel pump.

Fuel pumps come in two main variants, and these include mechanical pumps and electric pumps.

Mechanical fuel pumps derive their power directly from the motors that they are attached to. They often use internal parts called diaphragms to use vacuum-pressure to suck fuel through gas lines.

Electric pumps are used on later model vehicles that use fuel injection systems. Electric pumps may use internal parts called gerotors to drive fuel through the system lines. This style of pump is notable for its ability to produce high pressures.

Both types of fuel pumps need regular attention to promote proper operation. At our facility in the Lancaster area, our skilled and certified fuel supply system experts can help you to keep your entire system in tip-top shape. To experience the difference that we can make, come by our service center at Bob-Boyd Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram today for a no-pressure conversation.

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