The Truth About Motor Oil

Sometimes it seems like everybody has an opinion about motor oil and when the oil in a vehicle needs to be changed. In the conversations you might hear about motor oils, there are many myths that will arise.

One myth circulating is that you should always change the oil in your vehicle before taking a long trip. In reality, you don't always need to do this. If you have some time and miles to go before an oil change, you can wait until you get back home. If it's a short time until a change, get the oil changed before you leave. Some people also think that the "W" in the oil specification numbers stands for weight. It actually stands for winter. It signifies the oil's viscosity in cold weather.

If you have questions about the right motor oil for your vehicle, contact Bob-Boyd Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in Lancaster, OH. Our service center is available for your automotive needs.

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